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Current Water Quality Status

See Below for more information on our color-coded water quality status system for the Belleisle Bay.


The Belleisle Watershed Coalition works in conjunction with government departments, partner watershed organizations and volunteers to provide ongoing monitoring of surface water quality in Belleisle Bay. We aim to provide important information for the community so that they can enjoy the bay and tributaries safely and informed.

Between June and November we conduct:

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Water Quality Monitoring

Belleisle Watershed Water Quality Monitoring System

We have a color-coded system to help you understand the water quality in Belleisle Bay. 


Green means there are no reports of cyanobacteria.

Yellow means we have reports of possible cyanobacteria, but they are still being investigated.

Red means cyanobacteria is present and has been confirmed through testing.

This system relies on the community to report any water quality issues. If you notice anything unusual, please let us know through our website contact form or by emailing We test for harmful cyanobacteria and benthic mats when we receive reports of poor water quality or blooms in the bay. We also regularly test many sites throughout the season to keep an eye on the water quality. Your help is important in keeping Belleisle Bay safe and clean!

Understanding Cyanobacteria and Benthic Mats

Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, are tiny organisms found in water that can produce harmful toxins. When they grow too much, they can create blooms that are dangerous to humans and animals. Benthic mats are thick layers of these algae that grow on the bottom of water bodies. If you touch or ingest water with these toxins, it can cause health problems like skin rashes, stomach issues, and even liver damage. It’s important for the community to report any signs of these algae to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Our Sample Areas

As seen here with our E.coli results, we regularily sample and test the water in various strategic spot throughout the Belleisle Bay. We do the same for Cyanobacteria as well! We will begin posting a map with updated statuses arround the bay as soon as we get our first summer water quality samples back from the lab.

Crowd Sourced Data! - WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Help us keep Belleisle Bay safe and healthy by reporting any water quality issues you see. If you notice unusual blooms or poor water conditions, please contact us through our website or email with the location and pictures. Your vigilance and detailed reports make a big difference in protecting our bay!

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