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Barry Reicker Memorial Fishing Derby

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About the Derby

In memory of one of Belleisle Bay’s finest, Barry David Reicker, the Perch Dads and the Belleisle Watershed Coalition (BWC) would like to invite one and all to join us for a fun filled day of fishing, reminiscing, and PRIZES! To be held on Saturday, June 15, 2024, base of operations will be the Hatfield Point wharf. Anglers who choose to partake that day, will be asked to pay a fee of $25, that will go towards the BWC. The BWC are a great group of volunteers, doing some great work behind the scenes, looking out for our watershed and its wildlife. They also employ multiple local summer students each year and put on a terrific camp for our local youth. It’s a cause that we all know Barry would get behind and be proud to support. The BWC are a charitable organization, and receipts can be given.

Boundaries will be from the Dike or Ducks Unlimited to Erbs Cove, will also include Jenkins Cove and anywhere in between. Note that the Dike is considered fresh water, and a fishing license is required. The rest of the boundary area is considered tidal and does not require a license. Of course, all provincial and federal fishing regulations must be abided by. You may fish from shore or boat. This will be a catch and release tournament. We’ll be asking for a picture, with a clear and proper measurement (across their side, tip of the lips to tip of a folded in tail, if with a tape measure). Bump boards are always best, and most accurate, but not required. All registered anglers will also receive a “secret derby code” to be included with all pics, to ensure all fish are actually caught on derby day. We’ll do this as a blast email the evening prior to the event, after 7pm, once registration closes. You can then send an email or Facebook message with your pics and code to the Watershed, and follow the live leader board. Please be sure to follow and like the Belleisle Watershed Coalition Facebook Page Here, prior to Derby day so you can easily access and message the leaderboard team from your Facebook messenger app.  In the event of poor cellphone signal there will be two catch reporting stations located at the dike and at the Wharf.

If you cannot make it to the event but would like to donate to this great cause, donations can be sent to the same email address as the registration fees.

There will be a first-place prize package for the longest fish in three different species in adult and children divisions: small mouth bass, pickerel, and yellow perch. As well, as a fantastic registration prize! Your $25 registration fee enters you in the draw, no catch required. There will be a cash barbeque on the wharf from 11am to 5pm, selling hotdogs/hamburgers, pop and water. All registered anglers must depart from Hatfield Point Wharf.

We will also be roasting a small pig on a spit! That’s right, the spit will be making an appearance, and operated by spit master Guillaume Savoie! We’ll have it ready for around 5, and eat after the prizes! Plates will be by donation.

Prizes and support are coming in fast and furious! Let’s keep up the momentum, and make this a day to remember! We look forward to seeing everyone on the wharf! Tight lines!


Check out the prize packages available to be won each valued at over $100!

Registration Prize

Kids Prize Packages

Adult Prize Packages


Derby Details

Our Friend Barry

Barry was born and raised in Gods country, Belleisle. His schooling and work took him all over the world. He has seen more of the world than 99% of people will, but his favorite place of all was the Belleisle Bay. He could usually be found for hours at a time in his basement, or out in the driveway busting his knuckles wrenching on some leaky project boat, in hopes of even one successful, maintenance free evening of fishing the sunset.

Like a lot of people in our lives, old boats come and go but some friends, fishing friends, are friends for life. Barry was that friend to many people. Barry was the founder of the “Perch Dads”. Basically, if you were a dad, a good friend of Barry’s, and loved to fish as much as him, you were added to the group whether you wanted to be or not. Some of us barely knew each other. What started as kind of a fishing forum, quickly became so much more. Whether it was building a house, or moving a couch, needed advice, or a place to rant, or a funny meme before work to start your day, Perch Dads have always been there for one another. Barry did that. So, the Perch Dads wanted to do something for him in memorial. Obviously, a fishing tournament was the only option. Think of the BWC as kind of the guardian angels looking over the Belleisle Bay, and its tributaries just as we like to think that Barry’s are guardian angel watching over all of us.

Fond Memories On The Water

Leader Board


In order to participate in the live leader board during the event you must send a picture of the fish you caught (with or without you in it), time of catch with detailed measurements and weight as a message to the Belleisle Watershed Facebook Messenger which will be monitored live during the event. Live Leader Board will be updated as we receive the information on catches.

Live Rankings

During the event we will be tracking live catches as they are sent to our Belleisle Watershed Facebook Messenger.  The following Classes and Categories will be updated Live during the event until 2pm.

Adults – bass, pickerel, yellow perch

Kids- bass, pickerel, yellow perch

(Longest fish in each category, 1st place prizes only) 

Current Leaders - Adults

  • 1st Place - Adult - Perch

    Name - Length

  • 1st Place - Adult - Bass

    Name - Length

  • 1st Place - Adult - Pickerel

    Name - Length

Current Leaders - Youth

  • 1st Place - Youth - Perch

    Name - Length

  • 1st Place - Youth - Bass

    Name - Length

  • 1st Place - Youth - Pickerel

    Name - Length


Please fill out one form per registered participant. The cost of $25 goes directly towards supporting the Belleisle Watershed Adventure Camp which is operated by Belleisle Watershed Coalition and the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John

Registrations will remain open until June 14th 7pm ADT.

Safe Boating and Fishing Practices

Safe Boating Tips:

  • Always wear a life jacket, no exceptions.
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out.
  • Ensure your boat is in good condition – check the motor, fuel, and battery.
  • Keep a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and signaling devices onboard.
  • Don’t overload the boat – know your boat’s capacity and stick to it.
  • Avoid alcohol while operating the boat.
  • Make sure to have navigation lights and know how to use them.
  • Tell someone your plan – where you’re going and when you’ll be back.

Fishing Safety Practices:

  • Wear non-slip shoes to avoid falling overboard.
  • Be aware of your surroundings – look out for other boats and obstacles.
  • Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing to avoid sunburn.
  • Keep knives and hooks in a safe, secure place.
  • Handle fish with care, especially those with sharp fins or teeth.
  • Dispose of fishing line and hooks properly to prevent injuries to wildlife.
  • Hydrate – drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Know the local fishing regulations and respect them.
  • Have a plan for what to do in case of an emergency.

Water Safety Tips:

  • Never fish alone – always have a buddy.
  • Keep an eye on the weather; head to shore at the first sign of a storm.
  • Avoid fishing in areas with strong currents or heavy boat traffic.
  • Know how to swim and practice water rescue techniques.
  • Stay sober – alcohol and water activities don’t mix.
  • Familiarize yourself with the area – know where the shallow and deep parts are.
  • Be cautious when wading; use a stick to check the depth and for obstacles.

Proceeds from this event will directly support the Belleisle Watershed Adventure Camp which is operated by Belleisle Watershed Coalition and the Boys and Girls Club of Saint John

BWC CRA Charitable Registration Number: 832756332RC0001

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