Nature Afterschool Program

Nature Afterschool Program

The BWC recently wrapped up our Nature Afterschool program that was joint venture of the Belleisle Watershed Coalition and the Saint John Boys and Girls Club. Over the past four weeks kids in the afterschool program have been engaged in discovering local wildlife and ecosystems building an understanding of wildlife biology and ecology in the Belleisle Watershed. The kids had barrels of fun building a beaver dam, dissecting a log to learn about microhabitats and insects, and dissect an owl pellet to learn about predator and prey relationships. The kids also got to learn about how our wildlife survives the winter!
The program has been presented by Paul Martin who does a remarkable job engaging the kids in natural science. Anyone who has joined us for one of our owl prowls or bird walks knows that the breadth and depth of Paul knowledge about wildlife and natural science is truly amazing and the kids had a great time throughout the program.
The BWC would like to extend a special thanks to Paul for all his efforts and to the Boys and Girls Club for giving us the opportunity to engage with the afterschool kids. We would also like to thank our funders who’s generous support make these programs possible.

Road Salt Sampling

Salt Water Testing

Did you know… After some winter storms salt levels in New Brunswick’s watercourses can reach 35 parts per thousand that’s the same amount of salt that’s in the ocean! Increased salt levels in streams can contaminate aquatic habitats, harm aquatic life, and make it tough for wildlife to find clean, safe drinking water. Many of us depend on local groundwater to feed our wells for drinking water. Well, systems are not equipped to filter out excess salt, so road salt can end up in our tap water, where it can cause health concerns for people with high blood pressure and even harm our pets and live stock.