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Preserving Our Good Nature!

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Watershed Monitoring

Surface Water Quality, E.coli, Cyanobacteria monitor water temperature monitoring.

Watershed Projects

Our current enhancement, protection and conservation projects within the watershed!


Education & Outreach

Environmental Education and Nature Preservation talks and walks.

Funding Provided By

A big thank you to our funding partnerships for without them none of the hard work within the Watershed would be possible!

Our Partners

A big thank you to our partners and volunteers!


A Brief History About Us

The Belleisle Watershed Coalition (BWC) is a charitable community environmental organization established in 2013 to support Environmental Monitoring, scientific research, restoration, and education within the Belleisle Watershed and Lower Saint John River Valley. Our projects focus on water quality, fish habitat, riparian management, and wildlife.

2022 - 2023 Projects

We have been up to a lot! Check out our projects and community involvement!
Water Quality Monitoring

We collect data from multiple sites throughout the Belleisle Bay. Check out the results!

Fish Passage Assessments

We collect data on fish passage and create a database of barriers that will be used in future restoration projects.

Cyanobacteria/Cyanotoxin Monitoring

Sampling of cyanobacteria blooms are conducted on a bi-weekly basis from July to November. Check out the results!

Nature Summer Camp

Ganong X Camp that provides camping trips. The theme is Adventure, Discovery, Science, History and the Environment!

Plant Your Bank Project

Improve Riparian areas by planting native trees and shrubs species. We Can Help!

Education and Community Events

Environmental education at the community center and clean-up activities

"Preserving Our Good Nature"

Get Involved!

The Belleisle Watershed Coalition is built on the belief of providing opportunities for the community to contribute to positive change and stewardship builds strong and resilient communities. Our greatest successes are achieved through the dedicated efforts of community volunteers, who have the passion to make a difference.

BWC volunteers come from the diverse community we serve and include individuals, schools and from within local businesses. Motivation for volunteering are also diverse, from those looking to gain new skills and experience to those simply looking to do their part in improving the environmental integrity of their community.

Volunteer opportunities will be posted for 2023 shortly for our many community programs.

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